How To Organise A Party For Pet Lovers

How To Organise A Party For Pet Lovers

Organising a party can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience. However, organising a party for animal lovers can be more tasking yet achievable. When planning on organising an event in which pet lovers will have fun yet promote their love for animals, there are some ideas to consider.

You first have to determine if it is going to be a party for just humans or humans and their pets. You have to make sure you can handle organising a party to accommodate both several humans and their pet animals.

Evaluate the space where you plan to organise the party. An outdoor, animal-friendly space is ideal for a party that includes both animals and people. The party can take place in a fenced-in backyard or a park.

Organise the party around the reason behind it. This will impact your plans for decorations, invitations to relevant guests, and so on. There are several reasons pet lovers would come together.

Choose a time and day for the party. Determine when is the best time and day for not only guests but, most importantly, for their pets. Some animals at their best behaviours at night, while some get cranky in the afternoon. So work out a perfect day and time for humans and animals.

Consider pet-safe food if pets are going to be in attendance. Get pet treats from a local pet food store and keep all human food safely away from the pets for everyone’s safety. Also, make sure that there is plenty of water around for everyone.

Consider games for both humans and pets. Depending on where the party is held provides games for animals like an obstacle course, a little pool swimming for dogs and so on.

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How To Start An Animal Shelter

How To Start An Animal Shelter

Animal shelters are a very important part of animal rights advocacy and animal rescue initiatives. While some animal shelters are non-profit, most are commercial entities with a budget, management, marketing goals and so on. Opening an animal shelter can be a major endeavour, and there are ways to go about it.

The first things to consider are financing and licensing. Identify the speciality of the animal shelter you intend to open. This is to ensure that you are not competing with other animal shelters. Running an animal shelter is a business and should be treated as one for sustainability.

Also, as part of financing and licensing, you have to apply for an animal shelter license. This can be done at the local government level. Having a license makes it easier to access government and donor organisations’ grants. Have a budget for the costs and incomes of your shelter. Keeping the books gives the business a focus.

Next is to determine the location of your animal shelter. You have to choose the type of accommodations that you want to give the animals under your care. The size and type of accommodation you choose depend on your available space or spaces, skills,  finances, and the local laws about animals and animal shelters in your area.

It is also important for you to look for accommodation that you can afford. Consult animal rescue associations or other animal shelter operators on the ideal type of spaces for an animal shelter. Look around your area for such an ideal location. You can also start small from your house. However, always consult your budget.

The next step is setting up advertising for the shelter. Social media is a perfect way of getting the word out about your shelter. Set up social media accounts and follow as many animal rescue associations and foundations as possible. Also, follow other animal shelters in your locality. Establish a strong presence on social media.

You can get a good website designer to build you a website. This can be a great way to connect with others and advertise your shelter. The website should feature a lot of your animals’ pictures and stories about how they got to the shelter or their progress so far. Such bios make the animals more appealing.

Finally, learn to network with animal rescue associations and foundations in your area. Take the time to attend their events and activities. Partner with other local organisations, like schools and care homes, to bring stray, abused or abandoned animals into the shelter. Networking helps raise the profile of your animal shelter.

When you follow these steps, then you are on your way to having and operating a successful animal shelter. Contact us for more information today!.

Events And Activities That Promote Animal Rescue Initiatives

Events And Activities That Promote Animal Rescue Initiatives

It is a rewarding experience to help animals in need. Countless animals have been abused, abandoned or homeless, and many can be helped. In this article, we will explore some events and activities that promote animal rescue initiatives.


Rescue associations and foundations offer opportunities to help animals and do some good deeds by volunteering. These associations, foundations and shelters can do with as many volunteers as possible. Volunteer duties include working with rescued animals, being a part of response teams and organising outreach events.

Creating Awareness

Most people are not aware of the laws against animal cruelty and other animal rights. Animal lovers can start an initiative to raise awareness about the signs of animal abuse by organising sessions that reveal the signs to people and how to report them.

Raising Funds

Animal rescue associations and foundations survive on donations. They carry out plenty of efforts to help rescue animals and bring them to safety. These efforts cost money. So fundraising is one activity that promotes animal rescue efforts. They help pay for surgeries, rents, staff salaries and organise events.


Sponsoring an animal in a shelter is one of the ways of promoting animal rescue initiatives. Many shelters offer the option to sponsor an individual pet. Sponsoring goes beyond just donating money to include spending time with the animal, feeding and taking it out for walks in the case of friendly animals like dogs and cats.


Organising and hosting a fun/adoption event is a good way of promoting animal rescue initiatives. This kind of event can include activities like a walk-a-thon for people and their pets,  a car wash, a silent auction or an adoption event to find befitting homes for animals.


Fostering an animal is a wonderful animal rescue initiative. It helps relieve crowded shelters and gives them a higher chance of being adopted. Being a foster parent to an animal is a great way of volunteering for rescue associations and foundations that specialise in placing abused animals in homes.

Social Media

The advent of the internet and progression the of social media have helped promote many courses, including animal rescue and rights. One of the ways of promoting animal rescue initiatives is to pick a platform of choice on social media and create awareness on adoption, fostering, rehoming and so on.


This is perhaps the greatest way of promoting animal rescue initiatives. Animal rescue, especially wildlife animal rescue, costs large sums of money. The associations and foundations involved in animal rescue missions spend money on research, travel, animal transportation, feeding and more.

These are some of the events and activities that can help promote animal rescue initiatives. For more information about these initiatives, you can contact us.